Sunday, 19 October 2014

Web Re-design

Hello again! Just a quick update this time, i've re-designed my website again. When it needs to be done, it needs to be done so i've designed it now in a way that more content can be put in. A flaw with my old design with the cat in the boat was that it was an interesting layout, but it left me with little capacity for growth (not a good thing for design portfolios)

Another thing was colour, I missed colour! And even though in the last design I wanted to leave colour out to focus the attention on my image galleries, I wanted to inject some colour to draw the eye in.

I wanted a frame design that not only allowed me to scroll down and add more room for my work, but also so that it could be aligned better (and that it can now work properly on iPad/tablet devices, yay!)

Adding a personal touch to the frame design was another piece of the puzzle I wanted to solve, so I added in some creative tools here and there as well as myself resting by a tree sketching (as one does).

I'm much happier with it this time and hope you all like it too :)

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