Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Camden Collective Pop-Up

Hey guys! I'm back from Camden Collective's pop-up shop. I spent two weeks there viewing and selling my work, and it was an unforgettable experience. I was really happy to find people take an interest in my products and illustrations, it really made it worth while :) Not only that but the other stall holders were fantastic and awesome. I learnt so much from them and had so much fun while I was there.

Business wise it gave me a great insight into retail, it's something that I had previously dipped my toe in at the New Designers show, but this time was a lot more involved and I got a ton of feedback. From this experience, I've taken away a lot more knowledge on what people are looking for in illustration products as well as some sales tips.

I'm gonna take this and build on what I plan to do for the next phase of my illustration work. I also did loads of doodling while at the stand so I was able to get some ideas for new designs for the future.

Card Stand- C159
Card Stand- C159

My 'Falling Autumn/Spring' cards

My 'Flying/Sleeping with Dragon' cards

Main Print Stand- C159
Additional Display Space- C159

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