Thursday, 27 February 2014

GEEK 2014: Report and other things!

So as all of you know I went to GEEK last Saturday. I went with my boyfriend Ben and it took a good while to get there since I had a 2 hour approximate journey because of flooded lines, but all was well! Got there about 11:00 and got straight in with not much hassle (hooray for pre-booked tickets!) Now I wasn't sure what to expect, so we entered the first hall which was peppered with goods stalls, very old retro consoles, a stage and a 3D printer. The arcade area was adorable, with massive Gameboys to play and a game made of fruit (I kid you not).

I was so tempted by the beautifully made sprites on one stall, and after having a good look around we headed to the main hall. And wow had they packed it out, there were games from almost every era possible, carefully labelled above each station with the years. However our eyes locked onto the Minecraft: Hunger Games section, this was our time to shine! We both died. So we walked around for a bit trying out both games in the main section and the 18+ area. I have a bit of a thing with Pokemon so I finally had the chance to play Pokemon Stadium 2.

After winding around some more our eyes drifted back over to the Minecraft section again. We needed to redeem ourselves, we knew we could do it! Finally my survival skills payed in as both of us made it to the final. I was so so close, I played it cool (much like Katniss if I do say so myself XD) finding resources and staying low. Before I knew it I was stuck in a tree and was one of 3 left in the competition. Ben was also one of the 3 so it was now to the death. He rushed forward and was defeated. I then stepped forward and got my ass kicked. Oh well :) It was fine that I didn't win because it was so much fun.

The whole event seemed to be mostly children running around playing old and new games which was wonderful. Overall I had a lovely time, the weather was beautiful and I had a nice walk next to the sandy beach.

So that was GEEK 2014!

In other news, I am completely re-modelling my website and adding more content and more goodies so I'll keep you all informed!

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