Monday, 16 December 2013

Tree (in a) House

I was walking around London (as per usual), once again very cold, and I saw a tree next to a small house window and it was so close that I wondered what it would be like if that tree was almost the foundations of the house. That got me thinking, so I went home and thought of an interesting concept of people living with nature. It was also good timing as I wanted to do a design that demonstrated perspective.


This design shows the front aesthetic of the house
-tree protrudes through any opening it can (windows, roof cracks, door window)
-birds nest on top of the roof (ladder used for caring for them and for sustainable food with the right care)
-birds lay unnaturally large eggs for their size (possibly another species of bird that fled their unhatched young?)
-allotment at the back of the house for more reliable sustainable food


This design in particular shows the cutaway for the house
-the tree holds a television in a small nook
-another cut off tree is used as a table
-the bed is now pushed towards the roof to allow for living space*
-*stairs are spiraled up towards a makeshift rope bridge to the bed area
-a dug out hole amongst the roots is used as a water filled pond which acts as a bath (shower head above on wall)
-swing used for seating and to wash before plunging in the bath
-deer hide used for living room space behind the tree which is in front of the fireplace (good spot to read) 
 For this design I wanted to explore who would live in such a house and I wanted to show examples of my thought processes.
-feet would be dirty because making shoes would be hard for them to learn or hard to maintain regularly
-hair would be slightly tangled and matted due to lack of personal care
-would have knowledge of cooking and utilizing natural herbs and plants
-current age of main designs is around early teens (just about grasped an efficient life amongst nature)

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