Monday, 16 September 2013

Sisters of the Forest: Where inspiration comes from

Inspiration is a funny thing, it can come at almost any moment; at work, school, in the middle of the night: 
I always keep a pad and pen next to my bed in case of a inspiration related emergency
But in this case it came from a different form of art. In my spare time I like to let my creative juices flow by either making costumes or inventing new ones. I was thinking of a new costume to make that would be possible to swim in like a Nymph or maybe a Mermaid. When I got a general idea in my head, I started to wonder, so what's her story? I realized that this character would be a great study for a series of character concept designs describing the different aspects of their lives and personalities. As you know, I began with one, which was the Nymph, and this grew into a series of creatures that I called the Sisters of the Forest. Much like the Nymph, I wanted each one to be a part of the natural world and represent a different area.

So below are the finished concepts. I went with a Hunter; the quiet, strong Nymph, a Scavenger; a lighthearted, adventurous Sprite, and a Destroyer; a silent, lethal Goblin.

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